Lender Tools

The digital mortgage, delivered

CreditLogic enables lending teams to double productivity revitalising lending profitability.


Empower your lending teams

Proactive customer engagement

Automated case assignment, digital alerts and processing ensuring all customer applications are intimately management from enquiry to completion. Interact with the applicant in real time, co-browse applications and maximise customer engagement.

Simplified business processes

Multi-party workflows and digital portal access enable separate lending teams and functions action the customer application with no manual tasks, no fragmented business processing or case handover.

Process Automation

Maximise efficiencies through automated workflows, data validation, document generation and task fulfilment.

Proactive customer engagement

Case assignment

Automated or prompted assignment of cases to individual agents, teams based on configurable rules.

Interactive tools

Secure interactive tools to manage all customer profiles and cases consistently across all channels – including co-browsing, messaging, digital alerts etc.

Task management

Automated and manual task management tools to ensure agents and teams are continually prompted for consistent high quality customer engagement.

Simplify your processes

Business Intelligence

Full reporting capability to manage customer and application pipeline, productivity and risk.

Configurable workflows

End-to-end workflows enable all lending teams to consistently manage cases from inquiry to completion through secure role-based digital portal access.

Task management

Automated and manual task management tools to ensure agents and teams are continually prompted for consistent high-quality customer engagement.

Process Automation

Document intelligence

Efficiently capture, edit, review and approve application documentation.  Automated qualification, validation and review of loan documentation.

Integrated services

Integrated customer onboarding, credit scoring and completion services eliminating off-line manual processes.

Compliance and Risk

Automate key compliance and risk tasks through reporting and document generation.

“Our partnership with CreditLogic is an important milestone on our journey to making PTSB the best-in-class retail and SME bank for Irish consumers. Our new digital-first mortgage experience has received exceptional feedback from both our customers and colleagues.”


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