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Our clients can make complex, risky decisions in a fast, safe way. And that unlocks growth.


The need for a smart bank-grade solution

As senior banking executives, we saw first-hand how decision-making in lending was inefficient and ineffective. Irish banking was choked by outdated, intricate processes, which led to wasted resources and poor customer experiences.

We wanted to find a decision intelligence solution that could make complex and heavily regulated mortgage lending processes much faster and more consistent, but there was nothing on the market.

There had to be a smarter, safer way.

How lenders welcomed our solution

We set up CreditLogic in 2019 to offer a dynamic SaaS platform that could simplify complex business processes quickly and safely, cutting costs while de-risking decision-making. 

Within a couple of years, CreditLogic had won all the leading Irish mortgage lenders as clients, as they signed up to reduce their mortgage processing time by 90%. Soon international banks and corporations were interested and the Irish government also became one of our clients. 

Becoming a trusted international leader in decision intelligence

Today we’re expanding CreditLogic into multiple international markets and proving our decision intelligence solution works in multiple sectors. 

Meet our leadership team

Eddie Dillon

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Former commercial director and chief innovation officer at KBC Bank. Chartered accountant (FCA) with previous senior advisory and corporate finance positions.

Eddie founded KBC Innovation Hub, an international digital transformation centre of 100+ people. As commercial director, he was responsible for launching a new digital-first full service retail bank, acquiring over 300,000 customers.

Gavin Bennett

Co-founder and Chief Technology and Product Officer

Award-winning CTO having led delivery and thought leadership of unique, innovative digital propositions.

Co-founder of KBC Innovation Hub, Gavin led the mobilisation of leading multi-functional development teams. An experienced development practitioner, he’s held previous leadership roles in technology in Irish financial services, notably AIB and Bank of Ireland, and with international development house, EDS.

Elena Alvarez

Country Manager - Spain

As Head of Sales and Strategy at Meta, she has driven the digitalization of major banks, insurance companies and fintechs in Iberia, solidifying the use of social media platforms in their performance strategies.

She spearheaded new digital business and venture building initiatives at BBVA. Her earlier roles at UniversalPay highlight her expertise in developing new markets and launching successful B2B digital businesses.

Barry Collins

Chief Revenue Officer

Highly experienced global senior sales executive in the technology industry

Previously VP/senior director at Twitter, Skype/Microsoft, PCH International and Dell, Barry is experienced in business development, global market expansion, customer engagement and retention and building C-level relationships.

Niall Ennis

Chief Financial Officer

Senior technology and private equity executive with over 20 years’ plc board and managing director experience.

Niall is an experienced leader with decades’ managerial experience. He was managing director of DCC Technology/Exertis, managing director of Valeo Foods and finance and development director of DCC Group.

Aodhan Flynn

Chief Operating Officer

Former senior director and global head of operations with Twitter and Meta

Aodhan is a highly experienced technology executive with over 20 years’ experience across engineering and software development, product management, business operations, data analytics and operations.

“Our partnership with CreditLogic is an important milestone on our journey to making PTSB the best-in-class retail and SME bank for Irish consumers. Our new digital-first mortgage experience has received exceptional feedback from both our customers and colleagues.”


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