Superb document management

Save measurable time, effort, and money with CreditLogic’s Document Intelligence Service.


Make rapid decisions

Shuffling paper is a thing of the past. CreditLogic’s intelligent document solutions simplify documentation journey for large organisations in complex and risky environments.

Banks, financial institutions, government agencies trust CreditLogic to capture, verify, validate and analyse data from multiple sources, no matter how messy it is.

Document intelligence and automation

With its smart embedded document intelligence, CreditLogic makes document collection, validation and review much more efficient. Our clients see processing times fall by 90%.

Document classification

CreditLogic’s dynamic document exchange and capture capability ensures all your documentation is automatically categorised with ease.

Document and data verification

Automated verification of data and documents means data capture, review and processing is highly efficient.

Data extraction

Embedded technology extracts all data from documents. This facilitates the cross-reference of all data and prompts users or employees with data anomalies.

Transform user experience

Instant applications and approvals

Increase lead volumes

Capture new digital leads

Reduce processing costs

Efficient processing

Enjoy easy implementation

Instant SaaS adoption

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