Make the safe choice

Choose the safer, smarter way

Engineered by our deeply experienced team and trusted by international banking and government clients, CreditLogic’s secure decision intelligence solution is proven to reduce risk.

Cut costs and reduce risk

CreditLogic’s dynamic SaaS platform simplifies complex business processes quickly and safely, cutting costs while de-risking decision-making.

And it avoids the risk of a failed digital transformation project. In sectors such as banking, close to three quarters of these projects don’t achieve their commercial objectives. CreditLogic simply works.

Empower your teams

A complete solution

End-to-end workflows

Simple and consistent

Straightforward case lifecycle management

Safe and structured

Secure role-based digital portal access

Manage data securely

Secure interactive tools enable you to manage all customer, client or user profiles and data consistently across all channels – including co-browsing, messaging, digital alerts and more.

We take security seriously

CreditLogic is ISO27001 certified, the most trusted information security standard in the world. We’re committed to providing a safe solution for our customers.

“As Ireland’s leading broker, Doddl's partnership with CreditLogic has enabled us to drive over 100% year on year growth in our business and deliver digital-first experiences to our customers and staff.”


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