Leading banks and other businesses use CreditLogic to automate complex processes and simplify critical functions.


Customisable and quick-to-implement, CreditLogic reduces the risk, time and cost to banks of processing new mortgages, for example. It’s secure and smart, from enquiry to completion.

CIOs and CISOs trust our dynamic platform. And users love CreditLogic’s fast, efficient, interactive and personalised experience, which can include real-time agent help and co-browsing.

Financial services

  • Faster, smarter decision-making
  • Lower risk and drive compliance

Human capital managers

  • Safer management of high-risk functions
  • More effective on-boarding

Government & public sector

  • More effective service delivery
  • Smarter data capture and contract generation


  • More accurate underwriting
  • Streamlined, safer claims processing

Real estate

  • Smarter property valuation
  • Sharper investment analysis


  • More efficient billing and claims processing
  • Faster fraud detection

Car financing

  • Improved lending and rate decisions
  • Smarter risk management

Small business lending

  • Better risk assessment
  • Quicker credit decisions


reduction in processing times on over €9bn value of applications for 50k customers


printed pages saved with over 780,000 pounds CO2 impact


reduction in operational costs

“As Ireland’s leading broker, Doddl's partnership with CreditLogic has enabled us to drive over 100% year on year growth in our business and deliver digital-first experiences to our customers and staff.”


How banks lend better with CreditLogic

Acquire and apply

  • Cross-channel lead capture, lead management and CRM
  • Integrated lending journeys across digital channels and third-party marketplaces
  • Personalised data-driven applications with minimum customer effort

Validate and approve

  • Secure access for all lending teams to review, validate and approve applications
  • Minimal manual tasks with process automation
  • Instant credit scoring and decision-making with underwriter workflows

Fulfil and close

  • End-to-end process management with integrated digital capabilities
  • Maximum efficiency with easy access to proven third-party providers of KYC, valuations, digital signatures, and credit scoring and underwriting
  • Ecosystem of new customer onboarding and lending services, which eliminates costly, paper-based and manual processes

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